What We Bury

call of the crow quartet
book four

3D cover of What We Bury by Alanna Peterson. A purple mushroom dotted with moon-like orbs on the cap and four smaller mushrooms emerging from the stipe stands against a textured dark brown background.

What We Bury is recommended for readers ages 14 and up.

Violence, sudden death, self-harm/suicide, PTSD, disease (cancer, respiratory illness), torture, blood, vomit, drug use, racism, animal violence and death, profanity

Spring has come to the Pacific Northwest, and things are looking up for Andi, Naveed, Cyrus and Roya. Soon, the trial of Dr. Tara Snyder will begin, and a guilty verdict seems inevitable. Once Dr. Snyder is behind bars for good, they’ll finally be able to get a fresh start.

But before the trial begins, tragedy strikes, throwing their families into chaos and shattering all hopes for a smooth conviction. Shocking connections come to light as everything falls apart, and it’s up to them to put the pieces together—before it’s too late. 

The stunning final installment to the Call of the Crow Quartet weaves threads from the previous books into a breathtaking, poignant, and bittersweet conclusion.

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