Discussion Questions

These discussion questions for When We Vanished can be used in classrooms, book clubs, online discussions… you name it! A printable version of the questions is also available for download.

Get Involved

Although the stories I write are fictional, they are based on reality. You can help play a role in fixing our dysfunctional food system!  Many groups are doing important work in this field—visit my list of food justice organizations and learn how you can get involved.

Learn More

Check out my recommended resources for learning more about the food system. These are some of the books and documentaries that have inspired me as I’ve been working on this series.

Broaden Your Horizons

The characters in the Call of the Crow Quartet come from cultural backgrounds different from my own. In order to write this story, I needed to do a LOT of research. To learn more about Iranian and Asian-American culture, check out these #ownvoices books! Here, you’ll also find resources I used in order to explore these topics using a racial justice lens.

Heal Your Mind

A compilation of resources on self-care, supporting others, finding therapists, accessing crisis lines, and managing conditions like anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Start Cooking

Learning how to cook is a great way to reduce reliance on processed food. Visit my recipe archive to find a collection of easy, budget-friendly, plant-based dishes.

Behind the Scenes

I’ve been working on this series for many years, and have put a lot of thought into every detail. Go behind the scenes to learn the “story behind the story” – how the names of the characters were chosen, my fascination with crows, photos of the locations mentioned in the book, how it was influenced by my own scientific background… and lots more!


Various Persian, Mandarin, and Spanish terms and phrases are used throughout the series. If you’re curious what these mean, check out the glossary!


Who doesn’t love a good map? To get a bird’s eye view of the Pacific Northwest locations featured in the Call of the Crow Quartet, head over to the maps page!