Within Every Flame



Cover of Within Every Flame by Alanna Peterson. A red pomegranate, split open to reveal the seeds inside, with a drop of red juice flowing out, sits in front of a dark blue background flecked with lighter blue splatter marks. Text reads, “Within Every Flame. Alanna Peterson. Call of the Crow Quartet, Book 3.”

Within Every Flame is recommended for readers ages 14 and up.

Violence, PTSD, sexual assault, car crashes, drug use, addiction, alcoholism, divorce, disease epidemics, respiratory illness, hospitalization, blood, vomit, fire, dying/death, racism, animal violence and death, profanity.

Andi Lin is ready to put the past behind her. After Nutrexo’s former CEO lands behind bars, she’s hopeful that she’ll be able to move on. But when Blazin Bitz reappear on the shelves, she realizes this story is far from over.

The Mirzapours also want a fresh start. Cyrus pivots to the tech world and finds himself part of a new team, where he unearths deeply personal secrets about his closest allies. Roya reconnects with an old friend, who gives her a dangerous-and seemingly impossible-mission. And as Naveed struggles to get back on his feet, an enigmatic visitor approaches him with a disturbing request.

Shadowy forces are stalking them all, and the pressure is rising. Who will find their hidden strength… and who will explode?

This engrossing third installment of the Call of the Crow Quartet follows four beloved characters as they grapple with the past, contend with complicated relationships, and start to build their futures.

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