Crow Art Ideas

I’m having such a wonderful time collecting fan art that I want to keep the fun going! A common theme among everyone who has submitted is how much they enjoyed the process of creating their piece. So I wanted to introduce another way to get your creative juices flowing, even if you haven’t read my novels, and even if you generally think of yourself as not being an artistic person.

Here is your official invitation: check out the list of ideas below, and make some crow-related art! This could be as simple as coloring in one of the printables, folding an origami crow, or trying to draw a crow of your own.

To sweeten the deal, if you send us a photo of your crow creation(s), we will donate $10 per artist to We Need Diverse Books! Just post your crow art on Instagram or Twitter and tag @rootcitypress, or email your creation to brett(at), by May 31, 2021. (I’m hoping to “stitch” these pieces together into a virtual quilt that I’ll post in early June, so if for any reason you don’t want your artwork to be shared/posted, please note this and we’ll be sure not to include it.)

Here are a few options to get you started. If you have other thoughts/ideas/resources, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Crow Coloring Sheets

The first of these coloring sheets is more book- than crow-related, but I present it to you because… how could I not?? Enjoy coloring the Bitz zombies from When We Vanished in this printable. The rest are from You can download the pdfs below or color the pages virtually on their website.

coloring sheet of the Bitz zombies. a group of five scruffy-looking zombies, with title around them that reads "Beware the Bitz"

Bitz Zombies

coloring sheet of a hooded crow

Hooded Crow

coloring sheet of a flock of crows flying over a field

Flock of Crows

coloring sheet of realistic American crow

American Crow

coloring sheet of a crow perched in a tree branch cawing at something. it looks pretty angry!

Perched Crow

coloring sheet of two common ravens, one standing on the ground and the other flying above.

Two Ravens

Crow Origami

Follow along with this video to fold an origami crow.

Or, if you prefer written instructions, check out this tutorial from The Spruce Crafts

How to Draw A Crow

If you’re itching to draw a crow of your own, here are some handy instructions from

Crow Sculpture

I love this idea from the New York Times for making crow sculptures out of newspaper, tape, and wire.

Other Ideas

Hopefully these ideas give you some inspiration to get started, but the possibilities are limitless. You could create a collage, a painting, a poem, a song… or, you could be like the crows themselves and create art from natural objects and shiny things.

I look forward to seeing your creations!

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