San Diego Photo Album

Earlier this summer, I managed to get away for a vacation / family reunion in San Diego. I can’t believe how much I missed warm sun and ocean waves! Here are a few photos from our adventures.

Palm trees, sandy dunes, and cloud-mottled sky at Tourmaline Beach Park
Nighttime on the patio
birds-eye view of roller coaster at the San Diego fair
Ferris wheel view of the San Diego County Fair. I’m surprised I got any clear photos – we were up so high that my hands were shaking!
Baby pomegranates growing in someone’s beautiful front yard / food forest
Gorgeous architecture in Balboa Park. I was sad the Botanical Gardens (usually housed in the building beyond these archways) was closed for renovation though 🙁
A lovely tile fountain in Balboa Park
A vibrant pink flower in a nest of succulents and spider webs
My boy at the beach watching the waves and a tall pier that stretches into the distance
One of the coolest living sculptures I’ve ever seen! I love this plant lady draped in a variety of succulents
a surfer on the beach gazes at the sunset
A surfer at sunset. This image just screams “California,” don’t you think?

So long, San Diego – hope to be back down your way again very soon!