Raffle to Fund the When We Vanished Audiobook

It’s official: production has started on an audiobook version of When We Vanished! I know that audiobooks are the preferred (or only) option for many readers/listeners, so I’m incredibly excited to announce this 🙂

To be transparent, this move is a bit risky for my lil publishing company. The up-front costs of producing a high-quality audiobook are significant. While there are some ways to lower these costs (royalty-sharing agreements, AI narration, etc.), When We Vanished is a complex, multilingual novel that really needs the touch of a thoughtful, adequately-compensated human narrator. 

So, we’re doing some fundraising this fall – and are kicking things off with a raffle featuring three amazing prizes!

Prize #1: Crowbie Bundle

stack of all four books in the call of the crow quartet, plus a sticker and button
  • Enjoy this bundle of all four books in the Call of the Crow Quartet, plus a vinyl sticker and #TeamCrowbie button! Keep for yourself or give as a gift (recommended for ages 14+). 
  • Ships to U.S. or Canada. 
  • Retail value $70 USD.

Prize #2: Cozy Autumn Pack 

mushroom mug surrounded by a packet of herbal tea leaves and a small jar of honey
  • A handmade mug from Fire & Flourish Studio showcasing beautifully detailed amanita mushrooms, plus herbal tea from Austria and a small jar of acacia honey.
  • Ships to U.S. or Canada. 
  • Retail value $80 USD.

Prize #3: Writing Advice

Screenshot of a marked-up page of text from When We Vanished
  • Get writing feedback from yours truly, award-winning author Alanna Peterson! Submit 10 pages of your work in progress OR schedule a 30-minute video call where you can ask me anything about writing or publishing. 
  • Available worldwide! 
  • Retail value: priceless
Raffle prizes graphic showing 3 prizes: a stack of books, a mushroom mug, and a photo of Alanna Peterson. Text at the bottom reads, "$5 per ticket. Venmo @rootcitypress & note your prize selections."

Payment Options:

Tickets are only $5 each and can be purchased from Venmo (@rootcitypress) or Paypal (brett@rootcitypress.com).

Be sure to include a note with your prize selection(s)! You can purchase a single ticket, multiple tickets for a single prize, or mix it up however you want. For example, you could throw in $20 and note that you want two tickets for Prize 1, one ticket for Prize 2, and one for Prize 3. 

Winner Selection

The raffle will run until 11:59pm PST November 5, 2022. We will select the winners live on Instagram on Sunday, November 6 at 12pm PST. (You don’t have to be present to win; we’ll notify the winners afterward.) 

Questions? Just let me know in the comments. Thank you – and good luck!!

UPDATE: Congratulations to our winners, Monika, Pam, and Kristel! And a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated. I’ve been working with the narrator on the first chapter of the audiobook, and it’s going to be amazing. Your support is much appreciated!