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Thanks so much for stopping by my virtual home!

I’m the author of a young adult eco-thriller series inspired by food justice movements. You can download a free ebook of When We Vanished, the first novel in the series, at the bottom of this page! 

There’s also a lot to explore on this very website if you’re so inclined. Learn more about me, check out my blog, or dive into the wealth of resources. And feel free to get in contact – I’d love to hear from you! 

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When We Vanished

Cover of When We Vanished. Silhouette of a crow against green foliage and a red-gold background

They want their secrets to stay buried.

She's not going to let that happen.

When Andi Lin overhears details about a harmful research study at the food corporation Nutrexo, she’s instantly worried that her dad is involved. He left home to participate in one of the company’s clinical trials, and was in frequent contact at first—but her recent attempts to reach him have been met with silence.

Fearing he may be in danger, Andi sets out to investigate. Her search for answers leads her to the head scientist at Nutrexo’s confidential research facility, where she learns that the truth is more complicated—and more devastating—than she ever could have imagined.

This EPUB file (1.5 MB) can be opened in Apple Books, Google Play, Nook, Kindle, etc. To add it to your Kindle, you may need to email it to your Kindle address (instructions here).

Audiobook Now Available

Cover of When We Vanished Audiobook, written by Alanna Peterson and narrated by Dana Wing Lau

The audiobook version of When We Vanished is available everywhere you listen—just search the title at your favorite audio retailer. You can also request it from your local library!