Virtual Launch of Within Every Flame

Today’s the day!!! BOOK THREE IS HERE!!!

The paperback edition of Within Every Flame stands in front of a black backdrop, surrounded by pomegranates, a sprig of dried yarrow, and a burning beeswax candle inside a tall silver candleholder.
The book stands against a black backdrop next to an open pomegranate, a sprig of yarrow, and a lighted beeswax candle.

Release days, for me, are always fraught with emotion. I want to be overjoyed, proudly shouting my accomplishments from the rooftops, because dang it would be nice to feel satisfied with something I worked on for years. Besides, isn’t that the kind of person that others want to buy a book from? Someone whose joy spills into their voice whenever they talk about the thing they’ve created?

It isn’t that I’m not excited about it. I am, truly! It’s just that the excitement is blended into a not-especially-appetizing smoothie of anticipation, dread, giddiness, frustration, and relief. In short: it’s complicated.

I mention this because, when it comes down to it, that’s what this series of books is all about. Being honest with yourself about how you really feel, even if it’s not what you are “supposed” to be feeling. Figuring out how to coexist with all the contradictions and complexity within ourselves, and the wider world too. Learning how to accept the crappy stuff that life throws at us, and how to grow from these experiences instead of getting locked in endless inner (and outer) battles.

All of which, of course, is not easy. Writing these books has allowed me to take a deep dive into this rocky territory, and helped me learn more about my own self. When I zoom out and see things from a higher perspective, I know that this work is important – because we are all living through tumultuous and isolating times, and stories that explore these topics can help us see new perspectives, gain new tools, or at least feel less alone.

How to Buy

OK, let’s get the sales-y stuff out of the way first! You can purchase the print and ebook editions of Within Every Flame direct from the Rootcity Press store (10% of all proceeds go to We Need Diverse Books!) or from your favorite bookstore or online retailer. Buy links are available here, including links to Black-owned bookstores.

I truly appreciate every single sale! As an indie author/publisher, I don’t have the heft of a big marketing department backing me, so I am incredibly grateful every time someone finds and purchases these books. It helps keep my little biz afloat so I can keep on writing and publishing my stories.


I teamed up with the illustrious Brett Boynton to make two videos for Within Every Flame (well, let’s be honest here – Brett did most of the work).

The first is a gong fu cha brewing video inspired by a tea-drinking session in the book. Brett is well-versed in this art thanks to years in the tea industry and time spent observing and learning from tea-brewing masters in Taiwan.

And here is the music video we made for Within Every Flame: our cover of Hum’s “The Scientists.” All the footage was filmed by yours truly during a spring break trip to central Washington state. (That’s right, I hauled around a couple of stuffed dogs in my purse the entire time. Worth it!) Many thanks to Brett for his recording and video editing expertise!


To immerse yourself in the vibes of Within Every Flame, check out the playlist of songs that served as inspiration while I was writing the book. Listen on Spotify or YouTube.


pomegranate mocktail with a sprig of rosemary
An enchanting pomegranate mocktail with rosemary garnish

Lastly, let’s celebrate with a recipe. If you’ll be joining us on Friday at the launch event, you will have a chance to make these pomegranate mocktails along with me! Regardless, you should try the recipe out if you like drinks that taste fancy but are super easy to make.

Thank You!

I appreciate you stopping by to share this launch with me! None of this would happen without your support, so I have to end with a big old THANK YOU!!! ❤️

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  1. Brett

    This makes me so Happy! I cant wait to talk to more people who’ve read Within Every Flame. That book is just so good. I can’t even express how powerful it is. Congratulations Alanna!

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